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The most common complications of presbyopia-correcting IOLs are: In many cases, these problems may become less noticeable with time without treatment.

In other cases, a follow-up refractive procedure such as LASIK or PRK may be needed to improve vision and decrease symptoms.

What problems are associated with presbyopia-correcting IOLs?Cataracts will typically not damage the eye while growing, so there is no need to rush into the surgery. Although it is surgery, the risks with modern cataract surgery are very low.You should not be anxious or afraid of the procedure.New techniques and advanced lens technology can help many people achieve the best vision they have ever had. In the past, only people with cataracts received lens replacement surgery, but now many people experience the benefit of better vision without having to wait through the gradual cloudiness of cataract formation.If you are having trouble with night driving, glare from headlights, golf, reading, watching TV or any of the things you like to do, you may be experiencing the early stages of developing cataracts.

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In a small minority of cases, it could be necessary for your cataract surgeon to remove the presbyopia-correcting IOL and replace it with a different lens implant.

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