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Everybody requires a minimum number of calories to live.

This varies significantly based on your activity level, age, and sex.

Generally, men have a higher TDEE than women because they have more muscle mass, and both TDEE and BMR tend to fall regardless of gender as you age.

Unless you're being tested in a lab environment, both of these numbers will only be estimates, but they can still give you targets to shoot for when you structure your meal plan and workouts.

BMR and RMR numbers are typically close enough to be interchangeable, but if you're calculating your needs in order to gain or lose weight, pay attention to which number an equation calls for.

Being armed with this knowledge, rather than guesstimating or blindly following a plan without scaling it to your individual needs, can make or break your muscle gains or fat loss.His unlikely success announced a fundamental change in bodybuilding that's only possible to grasp weeks and months after his passing. Vice President Kandace Hudspeth suddenly faced a major life challenge.With a lifetime of training and positivity behind her, she was able to make it to the other side—and then some.You can use a TDEE calculator to find this number, or calculate it manually to get a more specific result.Keep in mind, though, that it's impossible to know your exact TDEE, as your activity levels will change day to day, and the only way to get 100 percent accurate BMR numbers is through laboratory testing.

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The term BMR is sometimes used synonymously with RMR, which stands for "resting metabolic rate." The difference is that while BMR only measures basic processes of breathing, blood circulation, and temperature regulation in a completely resting state, RMR also includes energy expended by digestion and non-exercise daily movements, like getting dressed and lifting your fork to your mouth.