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I didn’t think that I would cry, it caught me by surprise, but not as much as the violent shaking that shook my body as I talked.I even wrapped my feet around the chair legs, and...

When I was 8 I was in cub scouts at the time and there was a "Mother-Daughter" night. as punishment when I was six years old for something that I did to a girl cousin.My mom started dressing me as a girl just like my sisters when I was 5.I have visited many sites and read all the stories on being dressed by our Mothers.As most of you know it ranges from petticoat training, punishment, wanting a little girl or even possible not liking males...My older sister first started dressing me when I was 6 and she was 10. She got the dresses from a friend of hers who had a youinger sister. As I grew into my teens my mother got more involved and... I kept thing from my parents, friends, other people in the family because I was afraid.

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We were in Target yesterday to get some things for my daughter before she goes on a several day field trip with school.