Dating after radical prostatectomy

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After about three years, though, men with the most severe erectile dysfunction showed almost no improvement, Schiff says.But men who had partial erections that were occasionally sufficient for intercourse (level 2 or 3) continued to make progress for up to four years after surgery.Some days it’s easier to achieve a full erection and others, I don’t every quite get there.Orgasms for me are pretty much the same as they were pre-surgery, although perhaps just a tad shorter in duration and less intense."The message to patients who have erectile dysfunction -- even those who have failed to have erections after surgery -- is that improvement does occur in a substantial number of men," says researcher Jeffrey Schiff, MD, a resident in urology at the State University of New York Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.Overall, one-third of men with marginal erectile function and one-fourth of men with serious erectile dysfunction 24 months after surgery continue to have improvement in erectile function on follow-up visits, he tells Web MD. Stress incontinence remains a minor issue for me–sneezing or coughing are the worst, especially if I’m standing. The vast majority of days for me are “dry” days, but there’s an occasional day where I guess my body is tired and I’m a little more prone to issues.

Try readding the Intimacy & Impotence book (see amazon).If confirmed, the findings should be taken into account by men considering penile implants, Sharlip says."That's a big step, one you may not want to take if you don't have to." One drawback of the study is that about half the men in the study who suffered erectile dysfunction said they took ED drugs like Viagra, says study head Farhang Rabbani, MD, associate professor of urology at Montefiore Medical Center.Ever since,my drive isnt what it was, I dont feel turned on by my wife so much,actually not turned on at all,by lots of things like I used to get. Sometimes she'll try and get it started with " c'mon,lets [email protected]#k",smiling,happy fun stuff like that. Sorry for the mental pictures but thats whats going on. I've been cautioned that old ways of getting turned on - mental or visual won't work any more. good luck, you are travalling the road before I do. No problem with getting it up,just the incontinence for awhile after the surgery, do your Kegels ! It will cause Peyronies,like what has happened in my case.I'm really scared of her feeling ignored,although like I said,we always talk and hold in bed,on couch,hug... There is another good book called " Saving Your Sex Life" I'm sorry I cant remember the author though. has more knowledge of the sexual side effects of the surgery and cares more than mine did.

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"This was not a controlled experiment, so we don't know if these drugs were helpful in overcoming erectile dysfunction," he tells Web MD. The findings should be considered preliminary as they have not yet undergone the "peer review" process, in which outside experts scrutinize the data prior to publication in a medical journal.

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