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I assume it counts for some fraction of my interactions with them, but since most of the foreigners I met were in the US at the time and surrounded by “exotic” American men I don’t think that advantage played much role.

The following observations are based on the foreign girls I have been with for more than a one night stand.

But after all he’s gone through, it only seems sensible to marry you.

After all, his son really needs a mother figure and since you make more than he does, he’ll be able to upgrade his home, his lifestyle and his future all by tying the knot with you. I won’t answer that for you, because I don’t think doing a bad thing makes someone a bad person, but I will say that if a man were to marry you under those circumstances, we might very well conclude that: a) He’s selfish – He’s failed at relationships and sees you as his safety school.

It’s an excellent list, and I recommend reading it at

It makes sense that, for example, a Japanese girl and a Peruvian girl will yield very differenct experiences for the player attempting to bed them.Good questions to ask yourself are, “How can what I want to say help this person? ”I suspect that if I stopped this post here, I would receive frantic emails from people who already reacted in ways that were not especially helpful or understanding. Go back to the person and say that you realize you did not respond helpfully, that you are frightened by the possibility of their dying by suicide, but you want to set aside your fears and understand better their wish to die so that you can be a listening ear, a partner in their struggle, an ally who helps them feel less alone and hopeless.Their fear and anxiety may have spilled out when they heard their friend or family member express a desire to die. UPDATE 10/3/2017: I just discovered another post, written before mine, with a list of 10 things to avoid saying to a suicidal person.Not knowing the distinguishing traits of whatever foreign girl a guy is trying to pick up won’t kill his chances with her because the fundamentals of game are universal, handed down from the cosmos like the ten commandments of poon*.The tried and true methods will work regardless of her country of origin.

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