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Members can access resources, post and respond to questions, and share their experiences implementing the program.Innovation partners: Our innovation partners are leading health systems committed to transforming the care of patients with serious illness.She teamed up with liberal comedian Al Franken as the conservative half of "Strange Bedfellows" during Comedy Central's coverage of the 1996 U. As late as 1998, Huffington still aligned herself with Republicans.During that year, she did a weekly radio show in Los Angeles called "Left, Right, & Center", that "match[ed] her, the so-called 'right-winger', against self-described centrist policy wonk Matt Miller, and veteran 'leftist' journalist Robert Scheer." In an April 1998 profile in The New Yorker, Margaret Talbot wrote that "Most recently, she has cast herself as a kind of Republican Spice Girl – an endearingly ditzy right wing gal-about-town who is a guilty pleasure for people who know better." Huffington described herself by side-stepping the traditional party divide, saying "the right/left divisions are so outdated now.The questions address: Final results of the trial are being analyzed for publication.Preliminary results show that more patients in the intervention group had a conversation with their clinicians than those in the control group, and the conversations happened earlier in the course of illness.We have also conducted research among different patient populations, including high-risk primary care and chronically critically ill patients. Community of practice: Our online community of practice brings together clinicians interested in serious illness care for sharing, collaboration and learning.Today, more than 1000 community members from around the globe are connected through the online forum and webinar series.

The program elements include: The heart of the program is the Serious Illness Conversation Guide, a list of patient-centered questions designed to assist clinicians in gaining a more thorough understanding of their patient’s life in order to inform future care decisions.

When we or those we love face serious, life-threatening illness, we have to make many personal and medical decisions that can be frightening, difficult and confusing. Or, it might be exercising all possible treatment options.

Compassionate and clear conversation is the key to easing confusion and fear and ensuring that decisions about care reflect what matters most to patients. For many patients, the priorities evolve over time, making conversation throughout the course illness essential to individual and family wellbeing.

We know that individuals who have conversations with their clinicians about their values, goals and wishes are more likely to receive the care they want, have fewer non-beneficial medical treatment, and report better quality of life.

And yet, less than one third of patients with end-stage medical diagnoses discuss their goals and preferences with their clinicians.

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The conversations were of better quality, addressing such things as prognosis, values and goals, and end-of-life care planning.