Dating coming on too strong

Posted by / 05-Apr-2020 20:13

Sending lots of messages can appear to be intimidating.

Your first message should be a friendly hello, rather than "what are you doing tomorrow? Although, we would encourage you to arrange a date (in a safe public place) after exchanging only a few messages.

So, trusting in that hope again and again while tempering it with a bit of perspective is a healthy way to approach dating.

Seeing that hope in someone else and letting it spark a bit of hope in you is also healthy and normal.

This disappointment is discouraging, but it helps us learn and grow.

It teaches us important things about love and prepares us for the next opportunity.

Also, when you start chatting to someone, don't post "I think I've found 'the one'" on your social media streams for all to see.

I think the reason for this is simple: without that strong, miraculous hope that we experience when we first fall for someone, we might not have the courage to do any of the things that ultimately lead to love and fulfillment.

When that hope fails, and it usually does (that’s part of the journey I’m afraid), the natural and obvious consequence is deep disappointment.

It’s a phrase saved for those times when you fall for someone quickly and suddenly, and then forget to hold yourself back a bit so you can try to examine those feelings.

Perhaps you say “I love you” on a first date, or try to hold hands right away, or start talking about a future together when the friendship’s still new and tentative.

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You can assume that at least he (or she) was trying to be honest with you about these feelings.

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