Dating restrictions on muslims

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Dating restrictions on muslims

“The police were saying to the driver: ‘Why did you bring these Bengalis? The army says its actions are a response to attacks against police outposts on Aug. More than half a million Rohingya have fled across the border to Bangladesh since late August.“There has been some conflict within the last two months in Rakhine state, so we have been doing security checks,” said Tayza Tun Hlaing, a spokesperson for the Karen state government.The military’s clearance operations in Rakhine have received popular support inside Buddhist-majority Burma despite condemnation from abroad.You have to start dating before you can think about marriage.

Tayza Tun Hlaing, the government spokesperson, said that local media had “exaggerated” their reports about the restrictions, which were needed because most Muslims do not have national ID cards.

That has emboldened Buddhist extremists around the country to push forward with local, apartheid-style policies against Muslims.

These include setting up committees to punish Buddhists for trading with Muslims, banning members of the religion from entire villages and, in Karen state, limiting freedom of movement.

Some believe that Muslims have traveled from Rakhine and infiltrated Kayin, also known as Karen, state.“They have been warned that ISIS and Bengali terrorists would come in,” Naung Naung, a Muslim interfaith leader, told The Daily Beast.

The week after Khin Win Myint was detained, local authorities said Muslims would need special documents to travel.“If Muslims want to travel between townships, they need recommendations from village administrators,” an announcement read.

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The Karen government said the new restrictions were decided on after nine Muslims without national ID cards were detained near the Thai border.

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