Did keanu reeves dating charlize theron

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Did keanu reeves dating charlize theron

Without a doubt, Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

I don't know about you, but whenever I see her on the big screen, I am kind of in awe of her face, her talent, and her... Since her breakout role in The Devil's Advocate, Theron has been a staple in Hollywood circles and reached A-list status after her Best Actress Oscar win in 2004 for Monster.

You know what makes hours of training for an action movie easier? So it was nice that Charlize Theron, who spent plenty of time getting in fighting shape for her action thriller Atomic Blonde (out July 28), saw a familiar face when she went to train every morning: Her "great friend" Keanu Reeves, who was prepping for stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave recalls, Theron and Reeves "would show up early in the morning, have their coffee, and they’d be sitting there stretching out, putting on their Judo gear.

Then, they’d chat for a bit and they’d go their separate ways."Although they would typically work out in different areas of the gym, "Charlize would look over, and Keanu would look over, and they’d train a little bit harder to push themselves," says Hargrave.

Keanu Reeves gives co-star Charlize Theron a long hug (and kiss! Theron starred together in 1997’s The Devil’s Advocate and 2001’s Sweet November. Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves, who did acting stuff together in The Devil's Advocate and that Dying Young knock-off, gave each other hugs and kisses after leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills last night.

He’s one of the greatest guys and we did train in the same facility.” PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Charlize Theron “Because he’s a really good friend of mine it was good to have him there,” Charlize added. This guy really impressed me.“We went for a nine-mile hike in the middle of the night. Gabriel, who had a bitter break-up from 50-year-old Halle in 2010, met Charlize at the exclusive LA school that their children go to. It was fun.“I’m not going to say where we met but we ended up going for a walk. He was super funny.“I think he’s just a really cool dude. That’s what made it so much fun too.”The actress was recently linked to French-Canadian model Gabriel, 40, the father of actress Halle’s nine-year-old daughter Nahla, after they were spotted enjoying each other’s company at Santa Monica Pier in California at the end of May, causing the rumour mill to go into overdrive.In May 2010, the two were caught snuggling after a date, but it fizzled out after a while.In April 2012, Theron and Skarsgård were spotted on a few dates in Hollywood, but reports claimed that they were not serious.

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Theron's tireless practice paid off – she successfully performed almost all of her undercover agent's brutal fight scenes in "There are certain stunts that she just can’t do for insurance purposes, like a big fall down the stairs or smash into cabinets – that’s where (stunt double) Monique Ganderton comes in—(but) Charlize was so keen on getting it right and keeping it authentic for the character," says Hargrave.

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