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Hollywood patterns dating

People can stay home and watch a DVD, Netflix live stream, or even pay for view cable on a TV with a modern sound system for far less money than they would spend at the movies. Also, traditional dating patterns, especially among millennials, have somewhat changed from going out to staying in.Sometimes the sex comes first, and dinner and a show come after, contrary to how that sort of thing has traditionally been done.According to a new report, Angelina Jolie treated her twins to an early birthday adventure on Tuesday and during their visit to the Southern California theme park, the actress was reportedly spotted with a potential new boyfriend.

@GQStyle #regram: Announcing: Brad Pitt in America's National Parks for the summer issue of GQ Style. News of Brad Pitt moving on from his failed marriage to Jolie comes just weeks after Angelina was also reportedly planning on making the dating scene a habit of her own, having allegedly said that she would love to be in the company of a man again.

Reporter, the entertainment industry is scratching its collective head over why such a drop off in domestic box office revenues have occurred.

Not as many people are going out to the movies than they used to. A number of sure fire hits, including R-rated comedies such as “Baywatch” and special effects laden epics such as “The Mummy” that starred Tom Cruise became box office bombs.

As the insider explained, Angelina Jolie is a full-time mom at the moment and enjoys being single.

The insider went on to reveal that Angelina Jolie was in no rush to jump into a serious relationship with anyone and said it was her time to shine.

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