Nigerian male dating scammers arrests

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In his paper, Cormac asserted that using the name Nigeria is also a filter.

As a test, I asked several people about Liberian 419 scams, and most corrected me, asking if I meant Nigerian 419 scams. I found an additional reason in this Economist article.

The question now becomes; was this underlying deception in place initially or is it part of an evolutionary process?

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The results (redacted) below are from emails supposedly from a Nigerian financial company. Osofisan for allowing me to use their research findings in this article.

Situations that are not what they seem fascinate me.

I called the client back, suggesting he forward the email to the spam-filtering service. When he sees a digital anomaly, he doesn't forget about it like yours truly. And, if there's something wrong, he will get the word out. Case in point, Cormac also noticed that 419 emails purported to be from Nigeria really weren't.

This finding is certainly supported by an analysis of the mail of this genre received by the author." Interesting, but it doesn't prove Nigerian 419 scam emails are originating in other countries.

After some searching, I came upon a paper by Olumide Longe and Adenike Osofisan, researchers at University of Ibadan: "Using freeware e-mail and internet protocol address tracers, we obtained results that deviate from the generally held beliefs about the origins of advance-fee fraud emails.

Those in the know, like my client, will get irritated and discard the email.

No big deal to the scammers, as no effort was required on their part.

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If they deem inappropriate, it is highly recommended that you stay away and report.