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Sometime around 3am, I woke up in her bed, extremely horny.

I saw Nola laying next to me on her side (facing away from me), with the bed sheets between her full, olive-skinned thighs.

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Since I wasn't sure if Nola would take my penis in her mouth, I would slowly rock my hips towards her face; my still penis only inches from her face, hoping she would grab me and pull me into her mouth.Good evening Amigo's /Amigas, I am posting, because I am truly wondering if most women still care to perform the 69 position with there man?I personally cannot think of a more intimate act of give and take between to people (other than intercourse, of course), where both parties can indulge in each other, and share.This one night I stayed at her house, fondling and caressing each other as we had done in the past, she started to play with the pre-cum that was slowly oozing out of the tip of my erect penis; slowly pulling back the tether of glistening cum that was webbed between my extremely hard head and her index finger.All of this ended abruptly, when her roommate came home, forcing us to behave until her roommate fell asleep (apparently the walls were *really* thin ;-) Well, in the process of us waiting for opportunity to strike again, we both fell asleep in each others arms.

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Wouldn't it be easier to find someone whom you already know is into the same things you are?

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