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Sandra and keanu reeves dating

REEVES: [laughing] You were like, “Wait—I don’t trust yet.” And I was like, “Just trust! ” Keanu’s not bending me over the fridge or anything. [laughing] We’ve got the bug again, of being around each other. BULLOCK: I’ll get up and fly by the seat of my pants. I’d been there for a month already when she arrived, so I was like, “Go with the flow! ” Are those your offscreen personalities: one cautious, one a free spirit? The relationship with Amanda De Cadenet lasted from 1996 to 1997, and that relationship was the first one that Reeves intentionally made public. Syme got pregnant during the relationship, but the pregnancy ended in stillbirth.The couple broke up several weeks later but remained friends until Syme's death in 2001.

BULLOCK: I had to sit in a stupid chair and pretend I was driving a bus [mimes turning a steering wheel]. It’s like, “I feel like an ass.” But you have to commit and just let go for those 15 minutes and be an ass. What they do need to know is [turns to Reeves] that you’re gonna have a pet really, really soon. REEVES: [singing a line from an Iggy Pop song] “I wanna be your dog! In you play people who rent a home two years apart and somehow manage to fall in love despite time and space. BULLOCK: On a lot of films you shoot and then go back to your trailer and watch for six hours.

Speaking on his expulsion from the school, he said: Because he had dyslexia, Keanu Reeves excelled more in sports than in academics, becoming a successful ice hockey goalie at one of his schools, earning the nickname “The Wall.” He has often mentioned that he once dreamed of playing ice hockey for Canada, but an injury ended his career.

However, Reeves later dropped out from school and didn’t obtain a high school diploma.

There have been rumors of other girlfriends as well, but there hasn't been enough evidence to prove the relationships.

Sofia Coppola is the daughter of Francis Ford Coppola, who directed the movie Dracula, in which Keanu Reeves starred. Reeves and Sandra Bullock had an on-screen relationship in 1993, but it has been rumored that they dated in real life as well.

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BULLOCK: Anything the world doesn’t know, he doesn’t want the world to know. BULLOCK: He says he can just imagine one day I drop a turtle off at his house with a note: “Love, Sandy.” No critters for you, Keanu?

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