Sonogram dating for due date updating graphics card mac

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Sonogram dating for due date

If another scan done 6 to 8 weeks later says that you should have a new due date that is further away, they should not normally change the date.

In this case, the new date is the actual date (considering the new measurement had been measured properly).

You can always resort to ultrasound later if there are facts that just don’t line up or if anything seems unusual for the date you have.

When figuring the due date by a sonogram, the doctor will measure the crown-rump length (CRL).

-how your uterus feels, from the outside (can feel it start to protrude out of the pubic bone at 12 weeks) and the inside (feels larger than normal by 7 weeks).-your report of any fluttering, or fetal movement.

The type of movement can help determine how far along you are as well, as kicks come later when bones are developing and getting stronger.

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