Stonewall mb dating

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Stonewall mb dating

I reached out to one of those legends, Miss Major, to talk to her about what Stonewall was really like and why this new movie dishonors her and all the women of color, both trans and cis, who worked so hard to get us where we are today.Because if you’re making a movie about a real moment in history involving real people, you might want to talk to someone who was actually there.Back then all we had was an IMDB page, but looking at it, we could see that there was a white, cis main character; Marsha P.Johnson as played by a male actor; and a complete lack of many of the legendary women of color who played integral roles including Sylvia Rivera, Stormé De Larverie and Miss Major Griffen-Gracy.And it was just one of those things that simply happened to happen.You know, at this time in the 1960s, everybody was fighting for their own identity.

They know that we didn’t start with Laverne Cox and Janet Mock. And we’re in the Bible, since they put so much credence in that.

A few years ago they did another Stonewall movie, and I swear if I saw a black person, it had to be a shadow running against the face of somebody who was white!

It’s absolutely absurd — you know, young people today aren’t stupid. This is a country of different colors and people and thoughts and attitudes and feelings, and they try to make all of those the same for some reason.

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The best thing I can remember about that night is that when the girls decided, “no, we ain’t doing this,” some of the girls got out of the paddy wagon and came back, the police got so scared they backed into the club and locked the doors!