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Tomas refuses and is presumably black-listed from practising medicine.

Tomas is apparently a window washer, and is recognized by the daughter of a high-ranking official, aware of her family connection, brazenly does his trademark "take off your clothes" line that is successful in examining a "pain in her back".

Olin is ferociously sensual and mesmerizing, while Binoche is superlatively sympathetic and sensitive.

Two of the best female performances I can remember.

As a waitress, Tereza meets an engineer who propositions her.

Aware of Tomas's infidelity, she encounters a one-time and passionless sexual liaison with the engineer.

Stressed by insubstantial city life, Tereza convinces Tomas to leave Prague for the country: they go to a village where an old patient of Tomas's welcomes them.

But the film itself has stayed in my mind like few others.Facing the stultifying reality that replaced the Prague Spring, Tomas, Sabina and Tereza flee Czechoslovakia for Switzerland: first Sabina, then the hesitant Tomas and Tereza.In Geneva, Sabina encounters Franz (Derek de Lint), a married university professor: they begin a love affair.By the end of the film I was totally wrapped up in these people's lives.This film is deeply erotic but in an intelligent and adult way that puts most other film's treatment of sex to shame.

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Remorseful, she fears the engineer might have been a secret agent for the régime, who might denounce her and Tomas.