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Instead of giving answers to battles, you might have created one instead on this unusual matchup.And yes, this is really pointless rant but this one just absolutely fueled me with hate.He constantly tricks his enemies and out smarts them. If you see your partners helmet being the only thing left after dangerous adventure, it is not bad logic to conclude to. His fighting style is basic sword swings and Shovel Drops is rather straightforward aerial attack.Even his Relics have straightforward functionality. So, Shovel Knight is not stupid, he is just basic straightforward guy.

Scrooge also uses blunderbuss shotgun and even cannons, although cannons might be bit too weird to have with him all the time.

But have you actually seen their cannonballs speeds? And if we use pixel counting, I guarantee it is not anywhere close to. Totally real torpedoes that blow up ships and are amazing fast, woo… Phantom Striker charges energy from sky, but takes a second to fire it. On quick note, no one actually really tries to scale Shovel Knight to Kratos.

Lighting dodging Lighting dodge is closer to usable feat, but not close enough. It is heavily gameplay based to give players a chance to actually dodge it, but because of that 1 second delay time, it is more like aim dodging. That is a relief because that would’ve just made more ranting.

Phase Locket wasn’t used in fight animation, therefore it wasn’t used in match. They gave it description in the analysis portion of the video.

They just didn’t think it would grand him the victory.

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Some episodes are so universally hated or loved, but this one matchup has such a different opinion it is unbelievable. The biggest thing they had for him was the ripping of steam boat and throwing a coin across river and rowed a boat to catch it. The Burglar Stunner that pierces steel titanium should absolutely pierce SK’s armor, as besides Golden Ornament armor it isn’t specified what it is made of, so why should it automatically be unbreakable.

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