Updating wireless router

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Updating wireless router

update their firmware automatically, but it never hurts to double-check. (It's the leftmost tab; you should be there by default.) Firmware Update will be the first option you see on the right side of the screen.To access the Linksys interface, enter " or "" into your web browser. Just click Check for Updates, and you're good to go.Asus also recommends you reset the router after the installation is complete by pressing the reset button on the router's underside for 5 seconds.First, ensure that you're on the same network as your router.Since TP-Link routers don't update their firmware automatically, you'll have to dive into your router's browser interface and do some legwork yourself.Thanks to an unoptimized interface, you'll have to take quite a few steps that most other routers don't make you go through.TP-Link routers have a design flaw not present in other manufacturers' devices: firmware updates wipe your settings. Do so by clicking the Advanced tab at the top of the screen, then System Tools, and Backup & Restore.When that's done, return to System Tools and click on Firmware Upgrade.

Amped Wireless makes some of our favorite routers for gamers.

It provides an excellent service, but the free router is very basic.

It's an 802.11g model, with no support for the newly ratified N standard, so performance will be hobbled.

Anything with an 802.11n adaptor could be running at less than half its possible speed, and you'll probably have worse range, too.

We're not having a dig at Be, though – this is more or less the standard across all the free routers out there.

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Go to a Web browser and enter either " or "" Enter your username and password ("admin" and "password" for most models, if you haven't changed them — although some older models don’t have usernames), then click on the Advanced tab on the top of the screen.

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