Who was dating elvis when he died

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And she said, ‘Arlene, Elvis is dead.’ And I heard Arlene yell, ‘No! You might cover something more important, but you will never cover a bigger story.’ And he’s always been right.” Buser was a 28-year-old general assignment reporter, and it fell to him to write the paper’s lead story from other writers’ takes. “They wanted me to do a follow-up story,” Buser says with a laugh.“They said, ‘We’re prepared to offer you a substantial amount of money to do a story about Elvis having a premonition of his death.’ Since I was a newspaper writer and not a creative writer, I had to decline.” Robert Hilburn, then the Los Angeles Times’ pop music critic and an avowed Elvis fan, raced into the paper from home and penned a 5,000-word personal appreciation of Presley on a short deadline for the Sunday edition, then hopped on a plane to cover reaction on the ground in Memphis. This was like the President of the United States for them.” Pat Rainer was then a 28-year-old Memphis State graduate student working for Jim Blake’s eccentric indie label Barbarian Records and Televista Projects, a video company operated by artist-musician Tav Falco and Memphis music fixture Randall Lyon.

I wasn’t into any sort of cultural analysis or awareness at the time, but the world of the fans struck me as really unusual and odd.

They say Elvis is still alive, probably kicking it with Tupac and Richie Edwards, but they are wrong.

Elvis Presley died on August 16, 1977, the year punk broke.

One of this year’s guest speakers will be Peter Guralnick, author of the definitive two-volume Presley biography.

Guralnick says of the event’s import, “I’ve seen people come together from the far-flung corners of the country and the world, and recognize each other, see each other for the first time since last year, recognize in these people that they’ve seen someone with whom they share a common bond.

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She was married to 'the King' from 1967 until their divorce in 1973.

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